Frequently asked questions – have a look here before you start! If we haven’t answered your query here, please ask us on Facebook.

How do I join the CER?
You just need to register your Clubman Estate!
Click on the ‘register’ tab above and follow the instructions.

Will I receive a confirmation email?
You won’t receive an email immediately. Every month the latest registrations are added to the register and the email addresses entered to our mailing list. Whenever there is some news or we want you to know about a great event we’ll send you a news email.

I’ve just bought a CE that has been registered before. I don’t need to register it do I?
Yes you do! Please register it again – we may well have the car on the list but we won’t have your details. We can keep you informed of what we’re up to much better if you register your car.

My CE isn’t on the road yet. I can’t register it yet can I?
Please register your CE as soon as you learn about us! It’s not about the condition or roadworthiness – you own one so please register it as early as you can.

How can I get involved with the CER?
Please join the Facebook group. We can’t have regular pub meets like local clubs as we live all around the world. So we meet online everyday! Come and join us, we’d love to meet you!

Do you have t-shirts and other club merchandise?
Yes we do – these are sold by Sticky Fingers graphics. At time of typing, they are updating their website so please ask on Facebook┬áso we can put you in touch with them another way.

Where can I get parts?
Try your local Mini suppliers, or meet the traders at the next Mini show you attend. Also┬ápost on Facebook asking for what you’re after – someone may have one for sale.

Can you help if you want to sell your estate?
Yes, you can advertise your sale in the Facebook group.
Please don’t ask us to pass details of your CE for sale on ‘if we know of anyone’ – we simply can’t respond to the huge number of requests we receive. The best thing to do is to add your advert to the group which can be shared to other groups from there.

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  1. I am trying to get rear doors with hindges for my 1976 mini clubman estate. Can any onr help me.

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